Yeast and Hops

all our hops are packaged in oxygen-barrier bags to help keep them as fresh as possible. We sell both pellet hops and whole leaf hops. Pellet hops are milled during processing which breaks up the lupulin glands in the hops. Since pellet hops are condensed into a smaller form with very little surface area they can be stored for longer. While we recommend pellet hops for most brewing, there are applications where Whole leaf hops are the better option. Whole leaf hops are perfect for use in a hop back and some brewers prefer them in the boil when using a kettle screen. For best results, we recommend that you store your hops in the freezer until they’re ready to be used.
We also have a full range of dry and liquid yeast from Fermentis, LALLEMAND,and White Labs will help you make any type of beer, ranging from ales and lagers to Belgian-styles and meads.